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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The most Epic movie score Ever..... Inception, mad creative genius

Hello Mad music fans, movies and music go hand in hand and there is no better example as the mind bending sci - fi flick Inception, apart from this movie being a great, exciting, insightful and creative film, we couldn't leave the movie without being impressed by the musical soundtrack . the Score is courtesy of German composer by Hans Zimmer, a multiple Grammy award composer who is credited with the soundtrack for the Dark Knight, Lion King, Crimson Tide, Gladiator and of course one of favourites the score from Inception...truly a Maad moment in music.

A great piece of music is the score, there is something about the pieces that make everything it used against sound epic, dramatic and large. The internet seems to share this view just  google "Inception mash up" and you will see a plethora of movie trailers set to the Inception theme. It is a maaad creative composition of music

Here is a quick reminder of the score:

Then here is one of the best mash ups of the same music created by a fan for the movie Up....maaaahd


Want further proof that Inception music makes everything epic check out this clip also maaad funny.

Another interesting musical gem  for you, we did some further research and soon realized that the Inception theme heard in the trailer and throughout the movie has an intricate link to the the music used to as the "kick" out of the dream, you know the soundtrack the participants need to wake out of each dream (this part will only make sense if you saw the movie).

The mad creative genius of Hans Zimmer is in the source of that distinctive sound. Zimmer appears to be using Edith Piaf's song as a foundation for extrapolation.

The song Non, je ne regrette is performed by Edith Piaf which he has slowed  down and modified,  Check out the video below to understand the link.

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