Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Talent is just talent and it just cant be denied it is bound to fly and shine

We again feature a producer/ artist that continues to be one of our favourites that still is largely underestimated, his infectious and bobbing beats have been used for such artist as Cassie, Fabulous, Mary J Blige and  many others and still he is a dynamic artist in his own right.

Keyboardist, singer, drummer and musical genius watch the man create musical magic, as he builds and produces the current single"Fly Together" for Red Cafe.
Observe the various elements of the beat being constructed is interesting especially as not all of the instruments are featured in the final mix. this beat  is truly maaaad, this is the master talent that is Ryan Leslie

Did I say how maaad this beat is, some people even argue that an up coming rapper such as Red Cafe doesn't do this beat justice.

For what its worth I think the star of this song is the hook/chorus and the slow tempo guitar riff that drives the beat.

Here is the official video for the final song featuring a guest verse from Bawse, Rick Ross.

Props again to R Less or as he says Les is More or as we would say Less is Maaaaad

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  1. Real talent! THIS is the real musician behind the shine and shimmer we see on the covers and dance to in the clubs... thanks for sharing Bigtings!