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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, November 28, 2011

I get a good feeling every time I hear this chorus

Electronic Dance Music is the hottest genre of music right now and I love some of the material out there right now, as with all things cool there is always a  cross-over appeal.

You may have heard this original song "Levels" by Avicii, what is interesting about this piece of music apart from it being insanely catchy and danceable is that the artist Avicii released it only as a promo copy with the  intention of releasing it as part of an album.

However somehow they gave permission to others to use the sample and now the remix is even more popular than the original,.this version features dance/rapper  Flo Rida (a creative and more original name for a native Floridan rapper there couldn't be)  which is now the more popular version of the song,  it even has an official video while Avicii doesn't have his video out. The Flo Rida version is now siting on Billboard magazine at position 6 on the way to the top.

Another  observation he is copying the concept of the tablet in front the of the face (last seen in the discontinued HP touch pad commercial) , but  alas he is doing it on an Apple I pad , chalk one down for Apple.

Not sure why Flo Rida thought we would be interested in his work out regimen for his video. Maybe he gets a good feeling from the work outs, I dunno.

Personally I like this song as the rapping adds texture to the song. What do you all think?

Lets dig a little deeper what really works for this song, in our  opinion surely it is the sample of Etta James  soulful classic "Something Gotta Give". I mean if she didn't lay down those great lyrics and deliver it with such passion it wouldn't  go on to be the classic tune it now is.

Lets peep the original which, trust me is just as funky as the modern day versions. Ahh tell you this music is maaaad.

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