Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

World Cup Music Which One is Better?

Whats up, its Thank God is Friday and we got World Cup Fever baad. Alright so even if you are  a Brazil, Germany or Argentina supporter, it's not all doom and gloom , the World Cup has provided some memorable music over the years and we want to share the 911 on some mad facts on the songs.

Most people in Jamaica are familiar with this song by Haitian American Jason Derulo (featuring Wyclef Jean)  Hand Up for your "'Colours". But do you know this isnt really the official song ,  it is actually the Coca Cola Promtional Anthem commisioned by the main sponsor. Caribbean REPRESENT wi nah lie doe although we dont have a team in this year's final, this song has a stong .Caribbean element and visual to it .There is even a Spanglish and Pakstani version of this song,  maad google it.
Check its out its quite colourful  but no real football field , no russian dancing or flag....hmmmmmm

But then pree the official FIFA song, Live it Up featuring Will Smith, Ronaldinho and a whole lot more football and celebrating, but you dont really hear this song played much, at least not here in Jamaica. Which one do you prefer. lets put it this way the first one has 40M views on YouTube, the Live it Up has over 90M views....Maaaaad

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