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Big Up for the Week
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Friday, March 30, 2018

Dancehall in the Super Bowl and Other Dancehall Flavours

Fresh off the boat comes 2 Dancehall influenced new music projects we thought you may like.

First there is a  new track from super producer Calvin Harris  featuring Party Next Door (of Caribbean parentage) sampling heavily from the dancehall genre.The video is kinda generic they need to get Desha Ravers to help them out but the track is not bad.

Then just in case you missed it Dancehall was featured in the super bowl commercial this year. yes it is this Diet Coke ad introducing new Twisted Mango flavour they somehow wanted a " tropical tune' to complement the visuals. The talent has NO sense of timing much less how to negotiate a dancehall riddim but we are liking the vibe. This interestingly awkward  commercial features the dancehall infused" Long Distance" by Sam Gellantry a 17 year old Scottish producer,

If you don't recognize it's SHABBA  on the track. Its a sample taken from "Telephone Love Deh Pon Mi Mind" featuring JC Lodge.

Here is the full song without the crazy dancing...LOL.....MAAAAD 

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