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Big Up for the Week
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Friday, September 29, 2017

We RUN Tings, Tings nuh RUN we

Yes the dancehall culture continues to permeate and propagate to the most unlikely places. This week a clip of MSNBC anchor Ari  Melber quoting a  popular Jamaican saying that went viral. Melber was  describing the current  situation in the US congress concerning the repeal of Obamacare and Senator John McCain seems quite funny but it shows how far and some of the more unusual places Jamaican culture and music has reached...pree this 


So it got us thinking where did this saying from, who created it and when did it start. Our research carries up back of course to the best reflection of popular culture the dancehall. Jump back in the time machine to 1988 when a young up and coming DJ , Flourogan did a song with the title " We Run Tings.......Check it out

Then it became even more main stream when it was featured in the classic Jamaican film "Third World Cop" featuring the hero cop, Capone played devilish well by Paul Campbell. Watch the preview with a host of young DJs  including Hawkeye, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler and Ninja man.  The song was also done over in 199 by Sly & Robbie with Red Dragon who btw is Flourgon's brother as part of the soundtrack for the film which you also hear playing as the musical bed for this promo..

Mad Music........Music the Rhythm of the People  where will it reach next

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