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Big Up for the Week
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Everybody a Pree the Dancehall

Yes Mad Music fans what a way the Dancehall music influential and powerful. Close on the success of Beiber's sorry, Rh Rhi's Werk Werk Werk and Drake's Views From the 6 everyone  wants a piece of the reggae and dancehall action. Trust me I live here and EVERY WEEK another pop, hip hop and EDM artist is here recording a new album, a new video or just to hold a vibes.The musical energy in the small island is maaaaaad crazy

The latest is West coast rapper Tyga , known more recently for his on and off again girlfriend Kylie Jenner and drama with baby mother Blac Chyna but still having a maaad crazy flow to keep him relevant in the ever competitive rap game . So Tyga has found his "Jamaican papers" and says his great great grandfather was Jamaican so he wants to reconnect to his roots. Just joking I think he said his father is Jamaican but you get the point.

Check out he video shot at multiple locations in Jamaica giving a real local flavour , the locations include Blue Lagoon in Portland and Duhaney Park.

Maaad funny observation, interesting when American's try and  speak patois it has a totally different sound. calling a man a " batty bwoy" sounds so unaggressive in Tyga's lyrics check out the 2:06 time-mark.

Oh yeah BTW just in case you were wondering Amina Blue is not Jamaican (not sure how she  reach in the video) she is a 23-year-old model of German and Pakistani descent who currently lives in Brooklyn.Trust me you don't see girls like her round town.

Anyhow we nah fight the thing as we say imitation is the highest form of flattery so Tyga do your thing and we hope to see you back again soon (don't do us like Snoop Lion).

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