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Big Up for the Week
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I am Lucky Cause I live in Jamaica

Str8 out of Jamaica comes the musical debut of multi talented  actress, comedian, blogger, personality Toni Blair aka Bella Blair with an ode to everything Jamaican. Love the video the visuals together with Bella's engaging personality lights up the screen and gives you a real authentic Jamaica vibe. Love her outfit,  representing  to the max and memorable edits like the butterflies and the scene with her jumping in her heels.

The beat is not traditional reggae a kind-of hybrid electro funk mix, there is a dub version of the song which is much better. This song will do well in Europe not sure if Jamaican radio is ready for this forward thinking beat.

The song shows great growth  for a talent we love and think will grow from strength to strength. Jamaica to di werl we seh Bella

Plus here are some pictures from her launch in Kingston, Jamaica held at CRU Bar with a live band back up  she presented a good showcase of her musical material. Another song previewed with potential was "Anything U can Do I can do Better" a cheating song with a catchy hook, 


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