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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who is Macklemore and why is this song so popular

He has the number 1 song in America right now but surely he must be the rapper you never heard of, this off beat named rapper is Macklemore the artist behind that bouncy song with the horn infused hook that is "Thrift Shop".

The song's success is noteworthy as it is the first in the last 22 years that an independent artist has topped the Billboard Hot 100 without a major label.

Mackelmore is a Seattle hip-hop rapper who performs along with his producer Ryan Lewis.

Who is this artist well, he was born Ben Haggerty in Seattle, Washington in 1983, Macklemore was your typical white kid who loved Wu-Tang Clan and Nas and in 2000, he recorded his first EP, Open Your Eyes, under the moniker Professor Macklemore. nothing major happened until his career really took off in 2010, when he teamed up with producer Ryan Lewis, and the duo worked on VS. Redux EP. 
The duo really got big time buzz when in October 2012, they released their first studio album "the Heist" which includes this hit song.

The wildly popular video has been viewed more than 170 million times on Youtube and reached number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, selling more than 2.2 million copies.
The song,is really just celebrating common sense about spending money at the local Salvation Army instead of at the mall or some boutique. But lyrics aside this is a good example of a song  with a catchy beat, a madly infectious saxophone loop, verses that most people can't follow but a sing along chorus makes it for a formula for success.

It has a mad energy and flow that we find refreshing.

Peep the video note this version is NSFW (contains profanity that you probably didn't here in the radio version)

Mad  Music note, the singer of that catchy chorus is Seattle based Michael Wansley, known better as “Wanz,” a 51-year-old music vet who had never cracked the Hot 100 before much less reached the number 1 spot.
Wansley had a full-time job as a Software Test Engineer, testing out new applications and had music as a hobby.  Now having given up his day job after all these years he is know out on tour with Macklemore’s crew, performing to  audiences bigger than he’d ever seen in his life, the music industry sure is maaaad..

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