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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In My Mind I see Skateboarding Models and Hamsters

This is one song that is on my mind which keeps playing over and over that we all may have been waiting for. The song has been catapulted to new heights courtesy of a new video and an accompanying popular 2013 KIA Soul commercial. The song is "In My Mind (Axwell Remix)" by Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl featuring Georgi Kay.

In our my mind is a great song, it has all the classic elements of a hit  dance song, piano solo , building crescendo, catchy chorus  and infectious beat....Maaaaaad.

The video below has a couple of interesting features,  firstly the obvious product placement of the KIA Soul, also when the girls are long boarding down the hill, question, if all 4 are skateboarding how did the car get down ( I guess that why you have a film production crew), who knew Polaroids were still around and  finally and most importantly these girls are way cuter than those hamsters, they should have been in the commercial lol.

What is also interesting with the video is just 2 weeks before some skateboarders were doing the same thing but with a different result............

Then of course there are those hamsters in the 2013 KIA Soul commercial rocking out at a 18th century opera house to the song. Maaad  probably not as good as the Party Rockers commercial but damn its hard to beat "everyday we shufflin" that song is monster.

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