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Big Up for the Week
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The World's Best Hip Hop Cover Band says Hello

Some of you may be familiar with this really cool Hip Hop Cover Band called Karmin, they take all the popular hip hop hits and add their own style to the cover, with Nick Noonan on keyboards and Amy Heidemann on lead vocals they create unique blend of hip hop swag with smooth harmony. Interesting factoid the name of the band derives from the Latin word carmen, which means "song", with a slightly altered spelling to "hint at 'karma'" and btw the couple are engaged.

To see them in action check out their version of "Look at me now" with Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes, it is their most popular video and showcases their incredible maaad talents.

Well fast forward to current times and now they are stepping out with their own original material "Crash the party"over a really cool loop from Black Sheep's "The Choice is yours" or if we go back to the original sample from Sweet Linda Divine's "I will say it again". 

Check out Amy's rapping at the 2:41 mark, not bad, she obviously got maaaad skills. The song is obviously very pop but has a easy and catchy charm to it that could easily make it a radio hit. 

And if you ever had any doubt as to their main stream talent here is there latest song "Hello" the song is the second official single from their debut EP of the same name and is currently #1 on the US Hot Dance Club  Songs (Billboard) Charts
Although from Nashville, Tennessee you can see the hip pop talent especially on the rapping side.

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