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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, February 6, 2012

That looks like a good Cover Drive (and we ain't talking cricket)

Our eyes and ears have been opened to a new and potent young group on the scene, having only launched their first single in August 2011 we can truly say they are truly young and new to the music scene but oh what potential they have.

Hailing from the lovely island of Barbados, there seems to be something in the water there that creates pop stars, starting with Rhianna and then Shantell and now the quarter "Cover Drive" , named after the familiar cricket shot, this group has a fusion sound called " Cari pop" which is fresh and cool and definitely maaad.

It seems that at least the UK has taken notice, their latest single " Twilight" just entered at #1 on the charts in the United Kingdom for the week ending February 4, 2012. The band has confirmed that their debut album will be called "Bajan Style" and they described it as "a beach party in Barbados" and will be released sometime in 2012

Comprising of  Amanda Reifer, T-Ray Armstrong, Barry 'Bar-Man' Hill and Jamar Harding we found this group obviously has good looks, talent and a Caribbean pop sound going for them, Their videos, infectious energy and easy island style must win them favour with legions of fans.

They have a BIG potential ahead of them as long as they can stay together and keep the vibe going

We LOVE  them and we are sure will do tooo....truly....... mader than mad

This is the video from their Fedora Sessions series that gave them the big break and an audience with music giant Sony Music.

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