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Big Up for the Week
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beyonce Countdown showing some Club Swag

Really like the funky, feel good vibe on this Beyonce remix, what they have done is magically maaad.

It was written by Terius Nash, Shea Taylor, Knowles, Ester Dean, Cainon Lamb, Julie Frost, Michael Bivins, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris (see how many people it sometimes takes to write a hit song..yeah mad isn't it)

The song's development was motivated when Knowles wanted to create something different by mixing musical styles of the 1990s with the 1970s. Some of Countdown's highlights includes that it is a multi-genre song and has a unique sampling of the countdown taken from "Uhh Ahh" by Boyz II

The  trumpet loop in this remix is trippy

Just listen and I dare you to not to dance to this one:

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