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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey Neh Nah, good music sounds good at any speed

Some of you may be familiar with this catchy dance song "Hey Neh Nah", at first I wondered if it was being sung in a foreign language but actually the song is in English but in a thick Belgian accent which give the impression that it is a foreign song.

However what is undeniable is the song's catchiness, popularity, dance ability and call and response chorus.

The song was originally a jazz rock song by Belgian band Vaya Con Dios. It was released in 1990 as the first single from the band's second album. The song has been remixed by German house duo Milk and Sugar in 2011.

The original version is a slow ballad.

Then came the much speed up version 122 BPM dance remix  which has curious retro black and white, constantly looping, video concept that I find strangely enough, works based on the simplicity of the song.

Its maaaaad

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