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Big Up for the Week
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Harry Belafonte releases new music to a new generation

Yes Harry Belafonte at the  ever green age of  84 years old still has his musical styles being popular with today's Generation Next. His classic music from almost 6 decades ago has been remixed and sampled to give it new life and not surprisingly has been very popular on the radio and in the clubs.

Firstly the perennial classic "Banana song"a traditional Jamaican mento song used by bana workers while they were packing the bananas on the ship for export, recorded by Belafonte in 1956  which became his signature song now  has been sampled by prolfic hit maker Lil Wayne in his billboard hit " 6 foot 7 foot"

The " 6 foot,7 foot,8 foot" sample is at the 1:03 mark

 NSFW but here is the official video ( Explicit)  featured the Inception inspired visuals

Then there is the recent release by teen heartthrob Jason Derulo ( of  "Whatcha Say"fame )  who covers the chorus outright of  "Day O" refrain   for his latest hit  "Don't Wanna Go Home") ....maaaad

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