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Monday, September 12, 2011

When Jamaican Badwords are no Longer Jamaican

Ok, this has to be the best story to date, obviously Jamaican culture is very pervasive throughout the world especially in the UK, however increasingly when Jamaican culture and in this case Jamaican slang and music has gone overseas it is so accepted in other cultures it is forgotten that it is "Jamaican".

This is a recent article in the well regarded Guardian newspaper about a radio station brought before the regulatory body for playing indecent music. Apart from the hilarity of the explanation  what is even funnier is that the song is attributed to Ali G , a character played by Sacha Baron Cohen (whom most of you would are aware, Booyakasha ).

Nowhere is there reference to the artist /composer of the song Lloyd Parkes Jnr aka Dr Evil, aka Leftside well known Dancehall producer and son of band leader Lloyd Parks, who wrote the song.

Don't be fooled  by the captioned read on  to truly understand the absurdity of the story from a "Jamaican" perspective.

Any Jamaican would take less than 2 seconds to tell them they were not talking about "paianis" and "f*cuk" was not based on Scottish dialect.

If you have any doubt  here is the link to the song in question. ( note NSFW) unless your are from Scotland lol

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