Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mad Inspired Beats

Today's post is for the true music lovers it is a video which shows the production process and various layers and textures of music that make up a current Pop and RnB song, The video features a  not so well known,  under appreciated producer/singer/song writer/musician  Ryan Leslie as he composes "Addicted", it shows the inspiration behind some of his biggest hits, the videos show his obvious passion, unbridled energy and unmistakable mad talent. I dare you to watch all of the videos and not bob your head to the beat.

Here he is again making "Get Money", you can appreciate the talent on the creation of the rhythm, it is a banger. Just watch the first 2 1/2  min when he starts signing and rapping  it looses ( in my opinion some of its hit potential)

Finally, probably one of his biggest hits to date "Sometimes" for Cassie

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