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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Can you handle it for One Hour

Could you listen to the the same song for a 1 hour  at a time. That's cray. Surprising there are a lot of music on You Tube that cater to just that desire.

We laughed at it at first but on further listen we found it can work

So here is our best example

Are you with Me  Lost Frequencies  play this song in the background while you are work and see  if you get tired of it......We found it quite engaging and time passed like it was nothing

Other popular ones are R. City and Adam Levine Locked Away


And other sing along classics like Ride twenty One pilots 

But in our opinion too much lyrics becomes monotonous we prefer to let the riddim play .....there are even 10 hour loop of Chain smokers Closer. We don't get it with so much music in the universe you choose 1 song for 10 hours but stranger things have happened in this MaaaD music world.

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