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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Best New Reggae Artist for 2016

And we are off, bolting into 2016 musically,  lots of music and artists on the horizon, we have combing through the clutter to give you a heads up. These are  the artists to watch for 2016 that we think have maaaad potentially and we expect big tings in 2016. All are young talented and set for success.

Firstly Keznamdi also known as Kez, part of the new generation of  roots revival which includes Chronixx, Protoje, Kabaka Pymarid and Kez's sister Kelissa. Though the story of Chronixx emergence is well known look out for maaad things from Keznamdi.

This sing- jay standout tunes include Weekend,  Champion, Gideo and Live for Today with Kelissa

Positives why we think he will succeed.
great song writing skills, good stage presence, strong management with Prezi and the team
a marketable image and
Good clarity and strong production

Genuinely  humble and yet confidence strong pillars to stardom.
Check him out, dis ya youth is maaaaad talented 

This young artist has early hits in Bounce,Tun it Ya Now and Inna Real Life. The best showcase of is energy and our personal favourite, is his chune Ruff up di World,

Ruff up di World

Vershon has a a lot of reasons why 2016 him going to be #Way up  and #uplike7 for him
he has a credible management in Chris Birch and the Birchill records team, an uncanny ability to build memorable hooks, marketable image, selective release of quality singles and confidence of a star.

Just needs to work on his stage craft and audience interaction which will come with musical maturity, him musss buss big time in 2016.

Just under the radar
Toi aka Toian
This Jamaican star based in Florida has been bubbling under the radar fro a minute, had a stint with Don Corlene a few years back with moderate success but must people know her voice but not her person.

She has a sweet tone, good looks and ability to crossover. She needs only to get on more local riddims, sing some part tunes and establish a better presence on Jamaican riddims but 2016 we hope will truly be her break out year she is just one hit away. she has the goods to be a star.

Here she is with Vybz

Plus a more softer Toi

5 Star
Something about this artist shows great potential. this is the debut single for 5 Star. On this retro dub single he shows potent lyrics and good melody gives him our mark to truly watch in the future.

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