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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Justin Bieber cuts a Dubplate for Stone Love

Yes its very possible in the near future the Biebs has found Dancehall music for new flavour in his pop arsenal . He released last week  his  latest single Sorry  featuring a very distinct dancehall beat. We got some positive feedback from some of our blog fans that the last post wasn't really reggae enough but this one is beyond doubt a straight dancehall inspired song.

Rolling Stone magazine  describes it as a tropical house song...."a what" surely we need to fit this into another genre of music, we will give them the name "dancehall pop" but alas this is how the music has morphed. Idolator an industry leading music blog,  drew parallels between "Sorry" and previous single "What Do You Mean" for sharing "a similar tropical pop route" and found there were "a few more spritz of sweet, beachy and dancehall-inspired notes".

The  dancehall  choreographed video that compliments it is peppered with the latest dancehall moves.............woooiiii including pony tail, chop out the grass and others, some real Jamaican dancers in this one would have amped it up but we see you Biebs was headiing so maaaaaaad respect my yute.

Check Wee Pow and Chromatic with the Dub plates faaaaas

Produced by World famous DJ/Producer Skrillex , who is no stranger to Jamaica having produced Ruff Neck, Bangarang and the mega hit Make it Pan Dem with Jr. Gong. Skrillex made in Jamaica a few times this year rocking EDM sets at Mas Camp and Caymanas. Its good that reggae and dancehall continues to enjoy and inspire a new international sound, what a music powerful........maaaaaad

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