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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Totally Wasted and Weird Videos to BIG Tunes

It happens  all the time, you hear a great song  it always causes you to crank up the volume, you can't get tired of it even if you hear it 30 times a day and you can't wait to see the video the visuals are already in your mind based on the lyrics and you salivate just to see the treatment to this maad banger of a tune. Then the video comes out and you are WTF, ?? ,what  a wasted opportunity,  major flop,  what were they thinking.

Well today we showcase some of those crazy ass videos that have nowhere the popularity of the song.

Example number 1 the EDM and pop ballad,"You Know You Like it " the song with the bad ass drum break down and booming bass line with Alauna George smooth vocals wrapped around the production of DJ Snake of  "Turn down for what" fame. Dis tune is one you cant wait for the chorus, its a summer head bobbing jam, it works.

The video doesn't  make any sense through, maybe a a boy and girl relationship story but not sure exactly whats happening here ....what a waste ( maybe he is a waste man)

Then there is that infectious La La La  song featuring the unmistakable singing styling of Sam Smith. the chorus is so simple yet effective , but the video is a real head scratcher. Pree it and see if you get it

Ok mad music fans let me help you out the video is about a Bolivian oral legend that is related to The Wizard of Oz and dates from the early twentieth century. The history is about a deaf boy who runs away from home, where he received abuse, and finds a vagabond dog that accompanied him from that moment. After living on the street for a while, he discovers he has a talent for perceiving the problems of people whom he can heal by giving powerful screams.

One day, he meets an old man who was stoned by the villagers, after being mocked and ridiculed. The child, when he shouts, solves his problems and revives the heart of old man . Together, they then found a disfigured man who was abused and discriminated against by society. This man reveals that he is a prophet cursed by a demon, El Tio, because he stopped adoring him and left the community because it was inhabited by this demon. El Tio is considered the lord of the underworld, to whom mortals give offerings for protection or to soothe his anger. The prophet said that anyone who listens to the devil would fall under his control and that he lives in the desert, where once there was a city that adored him and received a curse, which caused everyone to commit suicide. Together the boy and the old man head towards the residence of the demon, until they reach a mine. There, only the child must deal with the devil, because anyone with intact hearing could be cursed. With his cries he could stop the spirit from cursing other people. The story in the video is unresolved, since the child is left facing the demon, while his companions have gone away.

Wow I would never had  figured that one out. Ok if you are so inspired watch the video again now you know the story.

Honourable mention goes to Dexta Daps original video for 7-11. Such potential to cross over but the video doesn't do it any justice, within the first 30 seconds you realize how the video has gone wrong smh definitely not a mad moment in music.

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