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Monday, April 1, 2013

Violence in the streets of Kingston, circa 1700

We are all familiar with Hollywood's dramatization of Port Royal as featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Those"Captain Jack Sparrow" Johnny Depp movies which recaptures the decadence and raucous atmosphere of the pirates  including the capital of the pirates that was Port Royal during the 1700.

Well fresh on the heels of Pirates of the Caribbean comes another dramatization of Port Royal and more specifically, Kingston.

Wenches, Wine, Swords and Sex all in decadent excess.
Welcome the video game adaption Assassin Creed IV, Black Flag, the highly popular game series. This video trailer apart from the glorious settings and adrenaline inducing action features graphic violence that appears to portray the violence associated with the streets of  Kingston during the pirate years.

Obviously a lot of creative licence here and not really suggesting that violence and Kingston are synonymous more just an exotic local, but we will see when the game comes out how realistic or disparaging the game really is but for now just enjoy the mad impressive graphics.

Amazing how big title video games are looking more and more like block buster  movies........maaad

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