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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Duttty Wine Dancehall at Superbowl courtesy of Beyonce

We know 2 weeks has gone since the Superbowl but people are still talking about her performance and how awe inspiring and impressive it was. It  was quite a spectacular 12 min show but what we really liked was the reggae infusion and special effects that accompanied that set and again gave reggae some well deserved shine.

Queen B continued her dalliance with dancehall by featuring the dancehall influenced hit single "Baby Boy" into her energetic superbowl performance....... maaad. 

We were half expecting Dutttttttty yeah Sean Paul too spring out of the stage like Destiny Child and join Beyonce in rocking the show but it appears that Bey didn't want to share any of her limelight, but  with a global audience of 140 Million people Sean Paul will see a good hunk of change coming from publishing anyway (cha ching!).   No worries Beyonce had said her performance was an All Girls affair (note her all girl band and back up dancers) plus doesn't she sing this song about " Girls Run this World" .

Not only did she sample the ubiquitous murder she wrote riddim to remix her song but she also went in to an extended  dutty wine choregrpahy which would have made the best dancehall queen proud of  her efforts. Dancehall Music and its dances to the world .....maaaaadd.

Enjoy Beys' performance in its powerhouse entirety:  (or fast forward to dancehall @ 6 min mark)

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