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Thursday, November 29, 2012

When times get hard "Not Giving In" is our new theme song

What a song, we first caught a buzz from a snippet of the horn section but this song has so many elements that works that the more we listened the more we LOVE this song.

The horn section has a definite "ska- esque"  feel to it that we just cant avoid.

The song is Not Giving In" by the British quartet Rudimental featuring vocals John Newman and Alex Clare. The song was just released in November 2012 as the second single from their debut self-titled studio album.

The video itself is sooo very impressive lets count the ways:
1. It features break dancing always a plus
2. Exotic location, adds a colourful palette for story telling (read Slum Dog Millionaire, Legend of  Pi etc)
3. Awesome cinematography (check out the aerial shots)
4. Great song with rumbling bass drums, good harmonies and twinkling pianos
5. Inspiring video
6. Starts slow and builds gradually to a crescendo
7. 2.6 Million you tube views can't be wrong

and we could go on and on ENJOY.......

So it you still doubt this song has maaad vibes check out the live version, Drum and Bass in full effect

And finally if you like your music acoustic, a little soulful and slowed downmthen check this live studio session.

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