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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sexiest Music Video ..........Ever (with clothes on)

Well what a video this is, it truly is a the definition of how sexy a video can get with clothes still on..probably the Sexiest Video of the Year. The artist may not be familiar to some of of you outside of Europe but this British song bird is Delilah ( no not the one Movado is referring to in his song song Deeeliah).

Delilah also known as Paloma Stoecker  has a forthcoming album From the Roots Up is due to be released in summer 2012. and includes this song "Inside my Love" .The video really  does justice to the lyrics in a tasteful yet very erotic way...we like, much gusto.

"Inside My Love" goes way back the original is a 1975 single by Minnie Riperton.

"Inside My Love" is considered somewhat of a standard, enjoying numerous covers. Chanté Moore covered it in 1995 for the “New York Undercover” soundtrack and Trina Broussard did the same for the soundtrack to “Love Jones” in 1997.  In 2008, it was featured on Grand Theft Auto IV's fictional Soul/R&B radio station The Vibe 98.8. The song was also sampled by Timbaland for singer Aaliyah's song “Heartbroken” from her 1996 album, One in a Million 

But cover or not, we love this version and the video is just SEXY we expect a lot for Delilah and her videos continue to be this sexy  the future sure is exciting.....
If you thought the video was cool, check up the remix kicked up a notch with a booming bass drum beat...Maaaaahd

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