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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bolt steals Asafa's thunder through Mavado

As Jamaica basks in the glow of recent victories in the 200m and the track and field events reaches its zenith, we thought to you give you this gem, Usain Bolt  steals Asafa's thunder through Mavado.

To understand the title of the post  you have to roll back  four years to Beijing and Television Jamaica, TVJ's  coverage of the Olympics game, unprecedented Jamaican victory, many people in Jamaica will never forget the montage of Jamaican victories captured by TVJ featuring Mavado's song "On the Go", it captures the energy excitement and pure nationalism that permeated Jamaica fours ago and which is being replicated yet again.
However what a lot of people do not realize that the song was which most people associate with Usain Bolt as he was the "Star Bwoy' of those Olympics is that it was a song commissioned by Nike for Asafa Powell..

Check out this video to see the  feature on Asafa, the fastest man alive then,( respect due as our first athlete to break thew world record) I recall being in Rome at the time and the overwhelming sense of pride to see the Jamaican athele on the front cover of the Italian newspaper. 

So if you listen to the chorus of the song  you will hear the mention of 9.77  which was  Asafa  Powell's record prior to Bolt. So Bolt unwittingly is now associated with the song and stolen Asafa thunder but don't worry its all still a Jamaican thing and trust me they still remain the best of friends. The song has maaaahhd vibes....We going.... we gone black green and gold pon wi hand, Jamaica wi faster than a bullet, great song writing and great song by Mavado...... Big up Jamaica

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