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Friday, May 18, 2012

Reggae songs you will never hear on Jamaica radio but might hear elsewhere (NSFW)

Today's post is not so much about the music but more an interesting observation about how Jamaican reggae music is perceived in Jamaica as compared to around the world . As you all know we love the ladies so the videos are not meant to be disrespectful but just to highlight where the music and culture goes overseas.

Occasionally well established Jamaican artists do songs glorifying the ladies, their style, their beauty, their bodies and ehmm let us say other assets in song which probably can be played in the Caribbean, USA and Europe and its not a problem, but trust us these songs would not even see the light of day on Jamaican radio. Maybe in the dancehall but even that we doubt because in our view these songs are of dubious quality.

WARNING if you are offended by explicit material please do not watch these videos.

Exhibit one Reggae star of the moment Gyptian and Reggae Sing-jay Mr. Vegas adds some dancehall flavour to ladies in those skimpy shorts

Exhibit two, a little more edgy is by Sparagga Benz, lots of eye candy  I suspect half of these chicks have no idea what is being sung

A friend and fan of the blog, Clarke rates Spragga Benz as one of the best lyrists around, surely this is not one of his best works. Instead we think one of his more noteable songs is this classic over the Rocky Balboa sample....Everyone wants to be a Star (note how many ways he is able to get the title "star " into the song  ...maaaad

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