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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Party Rockers in the House Tonite- What a Dance Hit it has become

The mega dance juggernaut "Party Rockers Anthem" continues its dizziness success. It has become an iconic, infectious hit, which it has truly crossed over from the dance floor to pop radio to Kia commercials. Everyone is singing this one, clubbies, moms, dads and the kids, do the kids love it.

What a hit for these guys LMFAO (a more tech  savy name there couldn't be) they will be reaping royalties from this song for decades to come.

Interesting fact do you know the members are actually an unlce and nephew team. The group comprises of Dj Redfoo (born 1975) and his nephew SkyBlu (born 1986).

However what I am highlighted today is how this song has manifested permeated culture in different shapes and forms, its maaaad

Check out this home Halloween light show of the song , some people have too time on their hands....maaaaad

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