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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Beauty of a Continuous Shot - Not as easy as it looks

I recently discovered  and have a growing appreciation for videos done in a single take or known in the film industry as a continuous tracking shot

The style is captured  in these latest music videos.

J Cole the newest signing to Jay Z's Roc Nation label whose album Cole World was released last  week and topped the Billboard charts gives a good example of this as one of his first lead singles "Who Dat" featured  what appears to be a single shot video.

Call me idle but I actually found the edit that actually shows its not a single shot, look at the 1:24 mark at the wall to the right hand corner and you will see the shadow shift.

Here is the explicit version ( NSFW)

Oh by the way this video at the time of its release created some controversy  for featuring the school marching band in the video (Google it)

Here is another video from what must be the coolest name for a film director "B.B Gun" but this one is obviously not a continuous shot  but a maaad video by  a very talented white rapper Asher Roth.

If you want to see 2 great examples from film that are done in a single continuous shot, check out these two, the first is an action scene from the movie "Children of Men" which starred Clive Owens.

There is not one edit in this 6 minute segment. Hence when the squib ( artificial blood used for special effects) exploded on the camera at the 3:01 section it is still on the camera until the end of the scene.they just cant stop to clean off the lens because  the whole sequence including pyrotechnics , stunt men etc is rehearsed to continue seamlessly no cut and retakes.

Plus a vintage  video

This is considered one of the most strikingly beautiful films ever made. Don't mind it was considered a propaganda film about the virtues of Communism in Cuba, it’s the film making that matters. The intricacy of this shot is just breathtaking.

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