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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Controversial Rhianna Video

Well the noise has started around the new Rhianna video, Parents are upset that it portrays vigilante violence,Tourism interests are upset about how Jamaica is portrayed in the video, I am just surprised that the video has guns and graphic violence and still gets play on BET and MTV despite there "no guns" policy. Anyway it is a typical visual of  what a foreigner would consider a real "Jamaican reggae video" lets count the generic images 1. coconut vendor, 2. rude bwoys 3. beach scene 4. waterfall scene 5. smoke ( aka weed) 6. friendly  typical Jamaican people 7. sweaty Jamaican club scene and I could go on and on
Anyways I can't hate on Rhianna trying to get her reggae groove on, you go girl

Shot entirely on location in Portland, Jamaica

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