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Thursday, October 25, 2018

"Who Seh Him Dun" Cutty Ranks still giving US HITS after HITS

Memba mi tell unuhh

Cutty Ranks a staple of the dancehall era of the 90s many would have thought he is no longer on the scene, he hasn't preformed in Jamaica on Reggae Sumfest or any major shows but  trust me the man is still getting major paid and recognition  in the music industry 30 years later.

Lets dig into the crates, Cutty Ranks became a star with the release of the album Six Million Ways to Die with the song "A Who Seh Me Dun"  voiced over the Bam Bam riddim in 1992. It became a staple sample on hip hop songs and dub plates worldwide so lets travel back in time

But Cutty Ranks has an even bigger HIT in modern times Released in 2017 a classic in the Reggaton genre is the single El Chombo - "Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks". The song has over 862 M YouTube views and became viral based partly on its dancing green alien with the cute dance moves that everyone was trying to imitate.

But if you listen keenly you don't hear Cutty Ranks voice in this worldwide hit. Ahhh young Padawan the magic lies in the original feature released in 1997 which  features a sample of Cutty Rank sampled vocals from the track "Kill Them Out"

In 2018 his characteristic booming vocal took centerstage yet again on this classic jungle banger.

The Man Cutty is getting paid and he continues to produce Maaaaad Music. Him Nah Dun!!!

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