Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Anything you can do SHE can do better

Whats up Peeps wi deh here

This week we showcase a true multi talented Jamaican,  comedienne, actress, singer , actress, television host, m.c, artist, vlogger and live wire personality "Bella Blair" She is back at it again with another music gem that is ahead of its time

The second single to be released "I Can  Do Better" is a  empowering women's anthem with a very international sound and production on point, dis ya tune truly shows her vocal range while switching it up with a pop styling with true yard style dancehall. Plus the video shot, the first few bars alone  sell off the song. Probably wont get much play on local radio as it is way beyond the traditional format of local radio but we guaranteed it will be played on progressive radio and playlists worldwide.....Gwann Bella.................Maaaad

Pree the video Some Mad Music facts about Bella Blair

She first began performing in the arts at age four and won her first award for her dub-poetry.

She is a former Rising Stars contestant and debuted her musical talent at the Magnum Dream Live event in Negril in July 2016.

Her father is a visual artist and her mother a free spirit, fueling her artistic nature.

She has performed backing vocals for many reggae stars including Christopher Martin

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