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Big Up for the Week
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Romantic Techno you got to love it !!

Yes there is  sub genre of music called  Romantic Techno. Hard at first to understand how something going at 180 BPM ( beats per minute) could be romantic but trust me  its niiiice. Featuring artist DJ Kolsch the video is a homage to the culture smorgasbord city of Barcelona. I have had the wondrous chance of visiting the city and it is truly memorable from the artistic tributes to Gaudi to the La Sagrada Famlia to Camp Nou to Las Ramblas to the beaches to the tapas.... this is a city with character, one of my favourite in Europe, the hills that surround the city reminiscent of Kingston,  Jamaica

Back to the music, set to time lapse of cityscape features of Barcelona the haunting vocals compliment the keys and the melodic harmony are soothing as well as erotic ;-)

This is what I call a mad romantic moment in music....maaad

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