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Big Up for the Week
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Monday, January 23, 2012

This song deserves to be played Louder

As song this is a great dance track but what makes it even better is the video which elevates the song.

If you are not familiar with dub step music this is a good example of how it gets down in particular check the break down at the 2:35 mark ( classic Dub Step )...maaad

Featuring a very So Cal video/Venice beach experience featuring LA’s hottest roller skating talent and one of the world’s best freestyle skateboarders that truly captures the energy of the song . Some of the tricks in this video are truly impressive. Its Mader than Mad 

"Louder" is a song by Drum and bass producer DJ Fresh. It features vocals from Welsh singer  Sian Evans. The song also serves as the theme song for the Lucozade Sport Lite campaign. "Louder" is considered an important landmark for dubstep  music as it was the first of the genre to reach number one on the Uk Singles chart.

My only complaint is that the video ends too soon...........maaad

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