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Big Up for the Week
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mad Sample makes a Mad Beat

Ok music fans here is another stroke of genius. and you know it is really good when the music is replicated because it is just so good. In this case the beat has been used quite a few times, a real head nodder, here is the first two most famous Jay Z "Where Im from"

More recently featured in Diddy's and his new group Dirty Money "Angels" updated and dressed up but it is still the stripped down smooth beat.

Where does that beat come from I asked myself and the answer was another mad moment, the core of the beat comes from a really old song, let Your Hair Down by Yvonne Fair. What is even more impressive is the small sample (4 seconds in total ) that has been amplified and mastered into a classic beat. check out the beat at the 0:54-0:58.

How did they hell find that break beat and turn it in to something so much more.... that is mad genius.

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